Anarres Analytics LLC


Anarres Analytics LLC was founded in 2020 by Dr . Justin Silverman as a means of translating his research in statistics and machine learning into customized solutions for government and industry. Our focus is on developing and optimizing customized solutions for clients with a particular emphasis on model interpretability and quantified uncertainty to ensure insights are actionable for clients.


We offer a broad range of services in a wide variety of fields including but not limited to biomedical research, finance, and agriculture. Below is an incomplete smattering of common services we provide.

  • Identifying statistically rigorous patterns in microbiome amplicon studies
  • Time-series forecasting in financial time-series with quantified risk
  • Inferring genomic features predicting feed conversion rates in livestock
  • Teach-ins on tools and techniques for modeling high-throughput assays
  • Experimental design studies using genomic or microbial markers
  • Customized software for use by in-house research analysts


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